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Future of Work and Society

AS Business leaders or as part of HR, we already see these trends emerging from the younger generation team members. Clearly, we are witnessing a changing work culture, how adaptive are we as leaders or organisations! Are we listening to this new generation and making changes to our HR manuals or style of leadership!.

This led to a question “What is happening at an organisational level, is it a reflection of what is happening at a societal level”. I got an answer when I came across the #SINICTHEORY, developed by Kazuma Tateishi, the founder of Japanese company Omron. Read about this in a very interesting article written by #Yuji (all links below). What I found was a direct link between the image on top and what the theory is predicting, sharing a para from #Yuji‘s article

“One of the conclusions of the project was the assumption that society is moving towards the Autonomous Society, and therefore management is expected to shift from a style based on Truthfulness to Goodness and Beauty. This comes from the Japanese term Shin-Zen-Bi, an expression that embodies the ideal state of human life in three words. Goodness and Beauty is intended to lead to the acceptance of more diversity within the organization while also providing more alternative pathways for careers.”

Additionally another para from Omron’s website page – From the Present to the Future – The Optimization Society gives us an insight into where we are heading as a society

As the pursuit of Industrialized Society values such as efficiency and productivity diminish, new values of the quality and true joy of life will become increasingly important. These two values will inevitably result in conflicts between social systems and paradigms which will, in turn, lead to the creation of new social systems and paradigms over the 20-year span of the Optimization Society.

If we read all of this together, the way the new generation is thinking, behaving and what they hold as values, and what has been mentioned in the article on #SINICTHEORY, then it is obvious that we are witnessing a change that has a longer term impact and we should not try and force fit the new employee to our current SOPs but instead open ourselves to the future trends and adapt as this is what the theory indicated as the Future of Work and Society. As organisations and leaders, are we planning for it!

Yuji’s article – https://www.linkedin.com/posts/corporate-rebels—the-search-for-the-happy-grail_corporaterebels-principlebasedmanagement-activity-6998949614284374016-HO_k?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

Omrons website – https://www.omron.com/global/en/about/corporate/vision/sinic/theory.html#top

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