Job demand in Payments industry

The global digital payments market is estimated to reach $20 Trillion by 2026, growing at 24% per year. To put that into perspective, it’s bigger than the global telecommunication and automobile manufacturing industries. The drivers fuelling the growth of payments include the high penetration of the internet and smartphones combined with consumer behaviour fuelling e-Commerce growth, and improved technology which enables digital payments both in physical stores and online channels. As a result, the type of talent in demand in the industry are also changing.

Technology and Innovation: We all know the future of the payments industry is technology-driven. Advancements in technology, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, are expected to transform the way payments are made. The industry will require professionals with skills in these emerging technologies, including software developers, data scientists, and cybersecurity experts.

 Customer Experience: Customer experience will be a key focus as consumers demand fast, secure, and seamless payment options. Professionals who can develop and implement customer-centric payment solutions will be in demand. This includes product managers, user experience designers, and customer service specialists.

 Compliance and Regulation: The payments industry is highly regulated, and compliance will continue to be a critical aspect of the industry. Professionals who have a deep understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements will be in demand. This includes compliance officers, legal experts, and risk management specialists.

 Payment Integration: The industry will be characterized by increased integration between payment systems and other platforms. This includes integration with e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and social media platforms. Professionals who can develop and implement payment integration solutions will be in demand. This includes integration specialists, API developers, and project managers.

Data Analytics: The payments industry generates vast amounts of data. Professionals who can collect, analyze, and derive insights from this data will be in demand. This includes data analysts, business intelligence analysts, and data scientists.

So what we see is an industry growing rapidly and seeking specific talent across technology, customer-centric, and compliance-focused, all key aspects of the industry. If you looking for opportunities in the sector or if you are seeking the right curated talent then write to us at

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