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Tips for job seekers over 50

Some good insights on how to overcome the ageism bias for a full time role. But, full time roles are not the only option, with the world of gig/interim experts growing manifold globally, there is a huge opportunity to offer one’s expertise and experience to a wider set of organisation’s and teams. And this is what BMC is working towards building, watch the space
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Many people find it more challenging to find a job as they get older. Such concerns are not unfounded, with research showing that managers are often reluctant to hire someone over the age of 55. Below are some tips for older job seekers.Many people worry that job searching will become more difficult as they get older. Those fears are not unfounded either, with research showing that managers are often reluctant to hire someone over 55.

More companies need to realize that the best teams are made up of diverse experiences and skill sets, says Sara Dalsfelt, head of brand & community at Adway. “Age-based bias has no place in hiring, especially during a talent shortage,” she wrote in a post on LinkedIn.

However, ageism is still a problem when it comes to recruitment, James Reed, chief executive of recruitment firm Reed, told the BBC News. While you can’t lie about your age to a potential employer, his advice to older job seekers is to shift the focus away from it and onto your abilities and experience wherever you can.

Other tips for older job seekers include:

📌 If you are lacking a skill that’s in demand, keep up to date with developments in whatever field you’re targeting and take up opportunities to retrain. 
📌 Reinvent your career – identify your transferable skills and consider apprenticeships.
📌 Don’t undersell yourself – as an older worker you likely have far more experience than younger candidates.
📌 Don’t be afraid to ask for flexible work options, especially if you have caring responsibilities or want to work part-time.

💭 What advice would you give to older job seekers? Have you pivoted late in your career? Share your tips in the comments.

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